Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

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Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

Postby progster » Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:24 pm

There could be a supercomputer hiding in your PCI slot. Who knew?

From NVidia's CUDA Zone :

What is CUDA.png

or check out the Widipedia Page for CUDA .

Documentation is available here , and the code is available here .

The incredible speed and massive parallelism of the GPU open new opportunities for market analysis at processing volumes never before available to the individual trader.

On the AmiBroker Yahoo List there is a thread called Freakishly fast backtest using 64 cores where dloyer123 reports in some detail on his quest for speed using CUDA.

For those who feel the need, the need for speed, welcome to the brave new world of CUDA! :D

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