Workspace - SMAA_SelectDaily_01

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Workspace - SMAA_SelectDaily_01

Postby progster » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:21 pm

Here is a workspace which provides an information-rich stock selection display which can be used in multiple ways.


Key indicators in this workspace are these 4:

SMAA Multi Ind N DV
SM Trend

classic works by TRO (Avery Horton, aka The Rumpled One).

This display can be used to select trend, counter-trend or pullback trades, depending on your preference.

As shown, the RadarScreen is weekly (for the bigger picture), and the chart is Daily (for timing).

TImeframe variations are possible, as is in-depth tweaking of the indicators to achieve the exact calculations required.

This post is one in an occasional series which bundles a TradeStation workspace (.tsw file) and the underlying code (.ELD file) together in the same post to offer "ready-to-use" displays.

Readers are encouraged to add their own "bundles" to this series!
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