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Countries Overview Workspace and Code

Postby progster » Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:43 pm

If you haven't already developed your own overview of global market action on a county-by-country basis, perhaps you will find this a good starting point.

Here is a picture of a workspace I use for a high-level view of country performance around the world:


This workspace makes use of some of TRO's indicators (unmodified), as well as a couple of my personal modified versions (indicated by a trailing .p).

Below are the .ELD file containing the indicators and the workspace file.
Both of these files were created with TS 8.2 3896, and so should work with that version or later versions.

With this workspace it is really easy to sort the RadarScreen on any of the 4 indicator columns in the NORMALIZER (or on the Momo column) to find weakness and strength conditions. The charts then shows you the recent picture at-a-glance.

As provided, the Radar is Weekly. Both Weekly and Daily charts are included.

Enjoy! (and feel free to contribute your own Overview workspaces!)
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