RSI Trading of Index Futures

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RSI Trading of Index Futures

Postby progster » Mon May 18, 2009 5:41 pm

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This morning, I used the latest release of BTSeqMgr along with CFT's brand-new RSI Suite for TradeStation to generate these results for using RSI signals to trade Index futures:

4 Index Futures, x 2 yrs, x 5 timeframes
Created with TS 8.5 and BTSeqMgr

This test
  • looked at the past 2 years (5/15/07 - 5/15/09)
  • varied the RSI base period across only 6 values
  • used fixed entry/exit and all other levels in the RSI product
  • was done automatically by BTSeqMgr across multiple symbols and timeframes
  • best result per symbol/timeframe is shown
IOW, this was a very short and simple test.

So, how do you like those results? Are they better than your half-baked attempts to call the market by gut feel?

Did you even know it was possible to do automated testing across different timeframes in TradeStation?

If you've been wondering whether something as "old-school" and simple as the RSI can potentially signal for the Index Futures in a useful way, well, now you know.

For less than you probably lost on your last losing trade, you can own both the tools used here and have TS analyze all your markets of interest while you spend your precious time on things the computer can't do for you. The choice is yours! :D

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