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About the Research Section

Postby progster » Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:36 pm

The CFT Research Section is our equivalent of a "trading idea area", where some amount of research (i.e. test results) has been done to at least suggest the validity of the approaches discussed.

As we know, there are zillions of "ideas" about trading, but the universe does get smaller once you start restricting it to tested ideas :D !

Of course, tested ideas with some suggestion of promise comprise an even smaller set.

So, in order to qualify as "research" for this area, the idea has to be tested.

Now, testing itself is a HUGE subject, and topics on testing itself can be part of CFT Forums if folks have the interest to sustain such. Pursuing comprehensive, accurate, robust, successfully predictive testing is a critical, deep, and difficult part of market mastery. Fortunately, this is a topic about which much good literature is available.

The point I'd like to make in this post is that test results fall on a continuum. Far to one side are clearly losing ideas/results. Moving towards the light :arrow: :idea: , we reach the are of "suggestive results", eventually progressing to "good enough to trade" (for someone, you?) , and onward towards "perfect testing" (perhaps undefinable, but people keep seeking it anyway).

All of these results have value, even results that only reveal losers. Think about it ...

Knowing what not to do conserves your capital so that you can deploy it on better ideas. Are "classic" trading ideas still valid? Are guru ideas still valid (or were they ever)? You can't answer these questions without testing. (And perhaps we should say "good enough for me, today" instead of "valid" here.)

The point I'm leading up to is that here in this public area, "perfect" results are generally not to be expected. If you are inclined to share research here, you should not hesitate to post because it is not "perfect", or because it reveals what doesn't work instead of what does work.

The general ethos of this area is:

"What's shared is what's shared."

If you want to do and share research in more depth, with more disclosure, than what you see here - feel free to do so! Such contributions will be very welcome, and may raise the bar for all in a positive spiral.

OTOH, If you want to pick at and complain at what someone else gone out of their way to provide without being a provider yourself, then there are other forums better suited for that. This Forum will be moderated as required, to create a friendly environment for those who wish to share.

Research for this Forum may be conducted with any product, and may generally be posted in any form that doesn't conflict with the visual presentation of the Forum.

Some of the types of research that could be posted here include:

  • "this is possible" results
  • "this is how I do it" results
  • "this is how the magazine article tests out" results
  • "this is how the guru advice tests out" results
  • "this is what my product can do" results (yes, yours or ours!)
  • "I'm giving away the store" results (up to you, if you want to)
  • "I think this is suggestive" results
  • "from the book by ___" results
and more ...

Worth keeping in mind is that the CFT Forums have an explicit Collaborations Area for private and semi-private collaborations. If you want to post less comprehensive research publicly, with the intention of going into more depth in a non-public collaboration, that's fine too. As research takes place on a continuum, so does sharing. CFT recognizes that, and our Forums are designed to provide more opportunity for connection and collaboration than the average site by accepting and accomodating this.

With those general thoughts in mind - welcome to CodeForTraders' Research Area!

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