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StrataSearch Result - 34011

Postby progster » Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:12 pm

Here is another (2nd of 2, so far) in an occasional series of public posts of StrataSearch results I've generated.

These posts are for the purposes of:

  • Showing the format of some of StrataSearch's output
  • Illustrating the general quality of some of the systems that are found automatically
  • Piquing your curiosity!
Just to be clear, this is a post of results, not a public disclosure of the system that generated them.
(Full disclosure is reserved for CFT's StrataSearch customers, over in the Collaboration Area. :mrgreen: )

OK, let's go!

For this run, I've set StrataSearch to work with $10k of starting equity.

The pictures below step thru the tabs of the StrataSearch Detailed Analysis Listing. The Detail and Trades tabs are not shown because they are very long lists which cover their subjects in excruciating detail.

Here is a chart of the portfolio size 3 results of combination 34011 vs. the ^NDX over the same period:


Here are the performance statistics for same:



Next is the Summary info for all the portfolio sizes. All portfolio sizes of interest as seen here can be examined in detail on the other tabs.


Here is a Monte Carlo analysis for the portfolio size of 2:


And here is the English-language summary review tab:


Enough information for you?

What you see above is what's known as a "Detailed Analysis". Typically, the user will choose to run a detailed analysis upon results of interest which are chosen from a tabular summary of StrataSearch-generated results.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing another example of the kind of systems that StrataSearch will find for you automatically. I will try to post more interesting results periodically, as time permits (though I could never hope to post more than a tiny sample of what StrataSearch generates for me).

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