Changing the Evaluation Period

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Changing the Evaluation Period

Postby progster » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:47 pm

From the StrataSearch Forum:

If you're running an individual Strategy or a Multi-System, the easiest way to rerun your system with a different Evaluation Period is to first enter the Setups > Trade Settings menu and set the Evaluation Period of your choice. You can then right-click on your result in the Combination Results Listing and select "Rerun Combination". You can also rerun the Detailed Analysis with the new Evaluation Period if you choose.

If you'd rather keep the runs from both of your Evaluation Periods available at the same time, I would recommend making a copy of your Strategy and running the copy with the new Evaluation Period. You can easily make a copy by entering the Setups > Strategy Setups menu, highlighting the Strategy of your choice, and clicking the Copy button.

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