Multiple Instances of AB and OLE

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Multiple Instances of AB and OLE

Postby trash » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:06 pm

If you wanna import ASCII data via OLE automation and you have multiple AB instances being opened then keep in mind that OLE always communicates with first started instance of AB.


AmiQuote uses OLE automation and it will always communicate with the very first instance you launch, that's just how OLE works in Windows and there is no way to workaround it other than _not_ using automatic import feature, but manually pick File -> Import ASCII and import data downloaded by Amiquote (it's stored in AmiBroker/AmiQuote/Download folder).

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Marcin Gorzynski Technical Support

It's not just related to Amiquote import but it's also related to any other import using OLE. OLE is developed by Microsoft.

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