TradeStation Uninstall is Thorough!

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TradeStation Uninstall is Thorough!

Postby progster » Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:21 pm

FYI, if you uninstall a version of TradeStation (via Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs), the entire directory tree of the version you uninstall is eliminated. In other words, all your work will be erased.

The TradeStation uninstall process does warn you that your work will be deleted

'Yes' is the Atomic Bomb

but just in case you might have been thinking that renaming a folder inside the tree would make it "invisible" to the uninstall process, be aware that renaming will not cause a folder to be saved. The entire tree is deleted.

This should be no problem if you have .ELD exports and TradeStation Archive backups made along the way. Just be sure not to assume a safety that isn't present.

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