TS 9.0 Build 8880 - Fresh Install Redated Techniques

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TS 9.0 Build 8880 - Fresh Install Redated Techniques

Postby progster » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:54 pm

Here is a file containing all the non-read-only techniques distributed with TS 9.0 Build 8880, redated to set their modification date to 9/15/2011.

By importing this file into your TS 9.0 Build 8880 installation, you will configure your EL library so that all the stock techniques are easy to identify (either by being read-only, or by having the singular date 9/15/2011). This, in turn, makes it possible for your own techniques, packages, etc. to be more easily distinguished from the stock techniques, rather than have them all intermingled date-wise.

To accomplish this, be sure to choose "Yes to All" when doing the import. This will cause the existing techniques to be overwritten by the techniques in the .ELD file.

The result will look like this (partial view):

TS 9.0 distro techniques, redated to 9/15/2011
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