Membership Has It's Privileges

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Membership Has It's Privileges

Postby progster » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:41 pm

The CFT Code Library is a free resource, but only CFT Forum members are allowed to upload to or download from the Code Library. Guests can browse the text of the postings, but will not be able to see the pictures or download separate attached files.

All are welcome and encouraged to register and take full advantage of the Code Library resources, and encouraged to contribute as well.

To register, please follow the Registration' link near the bottom of the CFT Home Page. When you successfully complete the Captcha, the board Admin will receive your registration request and respond to your email with a link enabling your membership.

If your chosen UserName looks like a bogus "spammy" name, you may not receive a response. If you are not a spambot, please try not to imitate one! :D

If you believe that your membership is being neglected in error, you are welcome to email and set us straight.

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