StockFinder Support Discontinued

Announcement of discontinuation of StockFinder support
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StockFinder Support Discontinued

Postby progster » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:04 pm

CFT regrets to announce discontinuation of support for all StockFinder products, effective immediately (3/25/2011).

Also, future development of new products for the Worden StockFinder platform is not currently contemplated.

Those who have followed the StockFinder saga may recall the progression of products and branding over the years as decided by Worden -


and now, effectively oblivion, as Worden is deprecating StockFinder as an evolving product, electing instead to incorporate some of those technologies into TC 2000 Version 11.

I can't say I agree at all with the way Worden has handled this product.

The name changes were devastating to the process of building a brand. The (single-setting) backtesting was never bought up to modern accuracy and reporting standards. Optimization was never added. There was never a program to encourage and nurture 3rd-party development. Despite all of this, StockFinder was brilliant in many ways, particularly in respect to it's graphic interface. I will miss StockFinder, but more for what it could have been (a truly superior market analysis platform) rather than for what it was (the fanciest, prettiest scanner out there, but no more than a scanner, alas).

The StockFinder Products section of the CFT Forum is now locked, and serves as a historical reference only. It may be removed at any time, without further notice.

- Progster

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