...writing great code so you don't have to

Why This Site? provides an online home-base for skilled developers, talented educators, and active traders who seek the benefits of commerce, connection, cooperation and collaboration.

I founded in 2007, after 3 prior years online as Progster's Purple Unity. CFT reflects an expanded vision which includes more platforms, more developers, more tools, and more technology put to use in service of helping traders in every possible way on their journey through the markets.

Personally speaking -

The funds I raise here contribute to my livelihood,  help me maintain and improve my trading infrastructure, and grow my capital base.

The process of packaging code for the public improves its quality, supports completion, and results in even better code for my own research and trading use.

The feedback I get from customers opens my eyes to things I'm standing too close to to see clearly myself.

The people I meet this way enrich my brain with ideas and my life with friendships.

Having an independent home for the products I write, the code I give away, and the creations of cooperating partners ensures that the work remains available and our investigations, writings, and opinions remain uninfluenced, regardless of the policies of others or the vicissitudes of life.

- Progster