...writing great code so you don't have to


Greetings!  My name is Steve Johns, and I'm the founder of CodeForTraders.

Progster is my handle on the online TradeStation forums, and around much of cyberspace wherever I visit.

In case you're curious, the origin of the word lies in the style of music known as "Progressive Rock", which is one of my favorite styles of music (along with Jazz).  I've actually produced an original CD of such music, entitled "SunTower" - which is available at: .

As Progster, I've been an active contributor to the TradeStation forums since their inception, and my career as a trading software developer began by writing EL code for the TradeStation platform.  I still code in EL, and I still visit those forums, but the demands of successful market analysis require constant attention to the evolving state of trading-related technology.

As a trader, I'm about code that brings results, running on whatever platforms are necessary to support it.  As an independent developer/vendor, I'm about offering solutions that represent excellent value for those wishing to move directly to high-quality intermediate or advanced capabilities without writing the code from scratch themselves.

I hold a BSEE from the University of Maryland, and have15 years of pre-financial-market engineering and software development experience.  Since 2004, trading and market-related software development have been my full-time profession.

I'm confident that you can find something here of value to you, and I hope you will!

- Steve