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Global Variable Dump

Package: Global Variable Dump Utility

Would you like to be able to take a snapshot look at the contents of your named global variables?  This utility indicator makes it easy!

What It Does

The indicator in this package logs the contents of your named global variables to the EasyLanguage output bar.  

All 5 of the named GV types are covered:

  1. Named Integers
  2. Named Floats
  3. Named Strings
  4. Named Doubles
  5. Named Booleans

What You Need

An installed copy of Progster's enhanced GlobalVariable.dll.   This is available for free, here.

What It Looks Like


What You Get

A .ELD file containing the indicator and supporting functions (full source code), and customer support as needed to get it running.

How It Works

Extra functions that I've coded into the DLL allow for access of the named global variables by their numbered values.  This utility, written in EasyLanguage, inspects all the locations and writes the output for you.

What It Costs

See "things you've never seen" for a mere $75.


Global Variable Dump -  $75 


How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. Please read the 'Caveats' before you place your order.