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Apply Stocks From File

Package: Apply Stocks from File to Single Chart

Would you like to be able to set TradeStation to run a strategy on hundreds of stocks overnight while you sleep?  Would you like to wake up to an Excel spreadsheet showing the results?

Then this macro is for you!

What You Need

An installed copy of Macro Express  (

What You Get

A Macro Express macro, ready for importation into ME, and customer support as needed to get it running.

Sample stock lists (not current):

What It Does

This macro reads symbols from a text file and types them in to TradeStation one-at-a-time.  After each symbol is typed, the macro pauses while TradeStation executes the strategy.     After the strategy is complete, the macro types in the next symbol.  This process repeats until all the symbols have been processed.

How It Works

The macro waits for the existence of a file called "strategy_complete.txt" in your C:\temp\ directory.  This file needs to be produced by your strategy after it is complete.   (Note: all Progster strategies do this automatically.)   When the macro detects this file, signaling that the last symbol has completed processing, it deletes the file, reads the next symbol from the symbol list file, and types it in.

What It Costs

There's no rocket science to this one, but you could easily spend half a day or more learning ME syntax and writing and testing  this macro yourself.   Why not take advantage of the fact that it's already been done, and get right to work on your analysis instead?

This little gem is yours for the bargain price of $25. 

Apply Stocks to Single Chart -  $25 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed.

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.