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Visual Stops and Targets

Package: Visual Stops And Targets for TradeStation

To see, or not to see - that is the question!


Wouldn't you rather see?

This package gives you visualization of all 5 exits found in the TradeStation strategy '_Stops & Targets'.  These 5 exits are: 

  1. Profit Target exit
  2. Stop Loss exit
  3. Breakeven exit
  4. Dollar Trailing exit
  5. Percent Trailing exit

What you will learn about the price behavior of different asset types by being able to actually see  trade evolution in relationship to various stops and targets  will quite possibly astound you!

What It Is

The usual stops and targets, but with the full ability to see them, during backtests, or in real time.

There are two key pieces to this package.  The first is a new strategy, '_Stops_&_Tgts_V.p', which offers all the same inputs as the built-in '_Stops & Tgts' strategy, along with a "minutes before close" exit, and an FX Account Lot Size parameter (for FOREX traders).  This strategy is specially coded to write global variables (unique per chart) that will be read by the cooperating indicator.

The second key piece is the cooperating indicator of the same name.  This indicator automatically configures itself to your strategy settings by reading the strategy-set global variables.  The indicator then performs all the calculations and plotting work required to visualize the levels on your charts.

Simply apply the strategy to your chart (instead of '_Stops & Targets'), add the indicator, and "Voila!", your stops and targets are now visual.

Additional features include

  • optional log output so you can examine your exact exit levels on a bar-by-bar basis
  • replacement of stock ExitOnClose with new ExitMinBeforeClose, giving you an intraday near-end-of-session exit you can actually use

This strategy works with stocks, futures, and FX, on both daily and intraday charts, with TradeStation® 8.1 and up.

What It Looks Like

Flexible display options allow line or dot style displays, and colors of your choice:



What You Get

Full Source Code to the strategy and indicator, delivered as a single .ELD file. 

3 sample workspaces (saved from TS 8.1 Build 3264), configured to demonstrate use with stocks, futures, and FX.

Customer Support to help answer any questions you have about installation or usage.

What It Costs

For a mere $150, you can trade with eyes wide open.

Visual Stops and Targets for TradeStation -  $150 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. Please be aware of the caveats before you order.