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Darvas Classic

Package: The Darvas Method (Classic)

This is the technique described by Nicolas Darvas in his famous book 'How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market' - and what a technique it is! 

In his book, Darvas tells the exciting and enlightening story of how he confronted and conquered the key problems of trading: when to buy, how to hold a position through a long money-making trend, when to get out.

Darvas' methodology is both powerful and enduring - and this package will let you prove it to yourself.

What It Is

As complete and accurate implementation of the original Darvas method as I (Progster) am able to produce.  I wrote this code from scratch, after reading Darvas' book in its entirety.  I referred to the book continuously to create the indicators and strategy to correspond with Darvas' original descriptions of his method and his clarifying answers to public questions.

After I had  done my utmost to duplicate his method, and set up all defaults to match it, then I thought through a bit more about how the method could possibly be augmented and added some (entirely optional) "extra sauce" of my own.

What You Get

  • A flexible and accurate Darvas Box indicator, for charting the Darvas boxes.
  • A Darvas Channel indicator, specially designed for RadarScreen use.
  • A complete Darvas strategy that will backtest, report, and trade upon any symbol or any timeframe according to the Darvas principles. *
  • A set of TradeStation workspaces to help you "load and go"
  • A RadarScreen template file

The Darvas Package is delivered as full source code,, so you can see exactly how it is done and customize it for yourself in the future if you should ever feel the desire to do so.

The Darvas Package works with both stocks and futures, on  weekly, daily and intraday charts, with TradeStation┬« 8.

*  The Darvas Strategy produces comprehensive report output (ready to load in Excel), including performance data and strategy input settings for each symbol upon which you run the strategy.  The Darvas Strategy is also designed for and ready to interact with the Macro Express symbol list driver macro, allowing you to run the strategy across any list of symbols to generate comprehensive multi-market test results.

And, of course, you get  Customer Support as needed to get it all running.

What It Looks Like

Here's a picture showing weekly Darvas Boxes charted for BSC:


Here's a picture showing the Darvas RadarScreen.   The RadarScreen shows the top and bottom prices of the last box, the latest close, and where that close lies as a percentage distance from the bottom to the top of the last box.   The color coding makes it a snap to sort and isolate stocks in full breakout mode (green LBPct) , stocks poised in their highest box (white LBPct), and stocks of no current interest (gray LBPct).   The RadarScreen also shows the current bar's volume as a percentage of the recent average, and the strategy will allow you to consider volume or not at a required percentage of your choosing.



In addition to a faithful implementation of the Darvas method, this strategy offers flexibility and innovation:

  • Choose to enter above or below the box-top breakout level by a variable percentage of the box height
  • Add-on size (or not) to an open trade as unbroken boxes progress upwards
  • Variable lot size, and max lots allowed
  • Time of Day filters and Daily profit/loss targets for intraday use (for those who insist on doing Darvas intraday!)
  • Variable base pivot strength  (default of 3, per Darvas)
  • An optional custom internal stop-loss based upon a percentage of the strategy's winnings to date, along with a kick-in floor (great for preserving the gains of pyramiding)
  • TTest serial number stamping of report output

What It Costs

$250 for a painstaking implementation of the technical's that helped Darvas make millions.

The Darvas Package for TradeStation -  $250 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed.  Please be aware of the caveats before you order.