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CCI Suite for TS

Package: CCI Indicator Suite for TradeStation

CodeForTraders is pleased to offer the CCI Indicator Suite for TradeStation as a low-cost, pre-written, powerful place from which to begin a study of 4-line indicator-based trading.

What It Is

The CCI Indicator Suite for TradeStation  is a synchronized Strategy-Indicator bundle which will allow you to immediately begin analysis of any market for its suitability for CCI-based trading (or trading based on any other oscillator-type indicator, after minor editing). 

This is a source-code suite, offered as both a ready-to-use tool and an easy-to-modify template at a price that anyone can afford.

What It Looks Like

Observe the CCI indicator in the bottom pane.  The two brighter horizontal lines (green and red) are your trade entry lines (long and short).  The dashed horizontal lines are the corresponding exit lines (the colors may be chosen by you).  Either raw or smoothed CCI may be used for either entry or exit.


Here is a closer look at the indicator:


Changing the plot color at the OB/OS levels is optional for both the raw and smoothed plots.  The indicator may be configured to display with it's own parameter values, or it may be set to 'SyncToStrategy', in which case it will automatically display according to the settings of the strategy when refreshed. 

The strategy offers a large set of parameters for configuration/optimization, including both dollar-based and percentage-based exits:





These exits have been incorporated to create single strategy which facilitates the use of the TS Genetic Optimizer (TS 8.5 and above), and assists those who might wish to convert the code for BTWFMgr use.

What It Does

The CCI Indicator Suite Package uses TradeStation EasyLanguage to implement a list of desirable features.  Each section of code is clearly marked and commented.

Included you will find:

Code for setup of cooperating indicator via Global Variables
Code for sizing according to Stocks or Futures
Code for choosing Limit, Market, or Stop entries
Code for trading long-only, short-only, or in both directions
Code for optimizable choices to use raw or smoothed indicator values
Code for trading signals in the opposite-of-normal direction
Code for a choice of trade signal filters
Code for optimizable indicator-based exits
Code for optimizable StopLoss and ProfitTarget

These features are provided in the context of a 4-level, indicator-based trading model:

Low level on the indicator (i.e weakness, oversold) for Long Entry (LE)
High level on the indicator (i.e strength, overbought) for Short Entry (SE)
Long Exit (LX) level on the indicator (for optional indicator-based long trade profit-taking)
Short Exit (SX) level on the indicator (for optional indicator-based short trade profit-taking)

For optimization, there are multiple major numeric dimensions:

bullet   CCI_Base_Period
bullet   CCI_Smooth_Period
bullet   CCI_LowLvl
bullet   CCI_HighLvl
bullet   CCI_LX_Lvl
bullet   CCI_SX_Lvl
bullet   Stops and Targets by Dollars
bullet   Stops and Targets by Percentage

along with various other useful switches and choices.

The code uses the CCI as the provided calculation, but has been carefully constructed to allow you to easily substitute a different indicator with only very minor changes to the source.

The goal of this package is to advance the new or evolving TS user directly to flexible, working code that is both

bullet   immediately useful as-is
bullet   easily repurposed and extended

If you have not already written yourself code with the features listed above, CFT believes you will find no quicker or easier way to the goal.

The CCI Indicator Suite for TradeStation uses the same code framework as the RSI Indicator Suite for TradeStation.  Please visit that page to view various video explanations.

Though technically similar to RSI Suite(s), the CCI Suite is offered separately

bullet   for those who prefer CCI as a primary indicator
bullet   for those who want more than one ready-made, without any further edits or typing required
bullet   for those who want to view exactly (with a file comparison tool) how to adapt the code  for a different indicator

What You Get

bullet   The primary CCI-based strategy for backtesting/optimization/trade-display
bullet   The cooperating CCI indicator, specially written to allow synchronization with the strategy
bullet   The StratEquityColor helper indicator.
bullet   A workspace file for creating the chart as shown above
bullet   Customer Support for initial installation.
bullet   A pre-made Analysis Group to assist with fast, easy optimization

This package is distributed as fully-disclosed EasyLanguage source code.   You will be able to modify and extend it as desired, but you may not share it with non-licensees (just send them here instead!).

What It Costs

Only $225 for a single, permanent personal-use license.  (That's less than the cost of a mere 2 hours of custom programming time.)

Institutional and multi-person licenses are also available (contact:

How You Get It

Use the 'Add to Cart' button, above left, to purchase the package  The package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

CCI Indicator Suite Package For TradeStation -  $225 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.