...writing great code so you don't have to

TradeStation Strategies

TradeStation Strategies

At the simplest level, strategies take an idea and execute it in the market.  Or, if backtesting, a strategy shows approximately how an idea would have executed in the market in the past.

When you see buys and sells on a TradeStation chart, a strategy put them there.

Moving beyond the elementary, a professionally coded strategy should do more than merely buy and sell. 

If you are writing a strategy, you should strive for code that is:

  • logically organized and clearly written
  • well explained with copious and clear comments
  • flexible and expandable
  • optimizable
  • talkative in explaining what it is doing and why
  • generous in reporting its results

and if you are buying a strategy, that's what you should expect for your money! 

Below are the strategies currently available for TradeStation.

Strategy Skeleton Lite -  A starting place way beyond square one.  This skeleton is a code framework into which almost any market concept may be embedded.

Visual Stops and Targets -  What you've always wanted to see.

ATR Exits -  Dynamic Exits that change as market volatility does.

Classic Visual Scale-Out Exits -  Bar-by-bar, exit your positions like the pros do.

Classic Visual Scale-Out Exits -  Tick-by-tick, on any chart, the most advanced exits available.

Multi-Level Trailing Stops -  Manage your trailing stop as the trade evolves.

Scale-In Entries -  Reinforce Success!  These strategies let you study how scaling-in can reduce risk and increase profits.

The Darvas Package - Darvas' classic, enduring trading method (long only), with Progster's special sauce!

Bi-Directional Darvas Package - Totally modern two-way Darvas-style trading (long and short), for all markets and timeframes.

How Markets Really Work -  Comprehensive comparison of trading on market strength or trading on market weakness. 

Manual Entry Automation IOG -  Allows signaling of manual entries in real-time to the TradeStation Autotrader. This new IOG version operates directly on charts of any timeframe.

Double Donchian Breakout -  Never miss a big move!

Dual Momo Percentile -  Dual-leg momentum pattern recognition, based on percentile specifications.

Renko Trend A -  Trading Renko brick trends.

Renko BrickAge Breakout A -  Trading Renko brick consolidations.

Renko BrickBox A -  Trading Renko brick ranges.

Kiwi TL Limit Entries -  On-chart trading with Trendline limit orders.

Kiwi TL Breakout Trading -  On-chart breakout trading with Trendlines.

TS RSI Suite -  Strategy/indicator bundle for 4-line indicator trading based on the RSI.

TS CCI Suite -  Strategy/indicator bundle for 4-line indicator trading based on the CCI.

N-Day Lows and Highs -  Strategy/indicator bundle for trading pullbacks to support and advances to resistance.

WideBar Suite -  Comprehensive strategy/indicator bundle for trading "with" or "against" wide bars.