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N-Day Lows and Highs

Package: N-Day Lows and Highs Suite for TradeStation

Some prices are more significant than others, and some of the most significant prices are yesterday's high/low, the high/low over the last 2 days, over the last 3 days, over the last N days, etc.   In other words, N-Day Lows and Highs. 

N-Day Lows and Highs are prices where retreats halted and advances stalled during the recent market phase. These are the support and resistance levels that simply have to be considered by the savvy trader - whether the goal is to enter near them, exit near them, or hold thru them!

Trading based on N-Day Lows and Highs is a time-honored, yet still valid idea  - one of those "right there in plain sight" approaches that many traders still have not yet properly studied and acted upon.

CFT's  N-Day Lows and Highs Suite for TradeStation will give you what you need in order to backtest, scan, and act upon these key points of previous market turning.

What It Is

This package provides a trading strategy, a coordinated chart indicator, and a separate RadarScreen indicator that together provide the code you need to build your own testing and trading campaign based on N-Day Lows and Highs.

What It Looks Like

Here's a picture showing long entries taken in SPY after price reaches a 2-day low, with long exits taken after price reaches a 2-day high:


Here is one showing similar operations on the short side:


Here is a view of the RadarScreen indicator reporting on the N100:


Note that in this example, none of the particular stocks shown are at N-Day lows, but we see multiple stocks at 1 thru 10 day highs. 

Using the N-Day Lows and Highs Suite with RadarScreen in this way lets you visually monitor any list of symbols for their N-Day Lows and Highs status.  If you set up lists of symbols for which you have previously run strategy tests, the RadarScreen indicator makes it easy to pick out symbols that are currently at or exceeding a support/resistance level of interest for trading (as determined by historical performance).


bullet   Strategy can trade long-only, short-only, or both sides
bullet   Separate DaysBack settings for long and short side entries and exits
bullet   Variable BacktestBeginDate and BacktestEndDate for consistent research runs
bullet   Separate 'ExtraPoints' settings for long/short, entry/exit allow "finesse" testing
bullet   MaxBarsToHold exit for testing raw potential
bullet   Target, Stop, PctTrail and EndOfDay exits built in
bullet   Complete set of standard points-based exits built in
bullet   Complete set of standard percentage-based exits built in
bullet   Strategy code pre-written ready-for-sync with included cooperating indicator

What You Get

bullet   The #P_LowHighD_m01 strategy.
bullet   The #P_LowHighD_m02 chart indicator (can be used standalone, or in sync with strategy)
bullet   The #P_rLowHighD_m02 RadarScreen indicator

The N-Day Lows and Highs Package is delivered as full source code, so you can see exactly how it is done and customize or extend it for yourself in the future if you should ever feel the desire to do so.

The N-Day Lows and Highs Package works with stocks, futures, and FX.  It is designed to be applied to an intraday (i.e. minutes-based) chart to create intraday entries and exits in the area of N-day low and high levels.

And, of course, you get  Customer Support as needed to get it all running.

What It Costs

Only $250 (the cost of two hours of custom programming time) gets you all three professionally written and tested techniques, ready to be put to work for you!

N-Day Lows and Highs Suite for TradeStation -  $250 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed.

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.