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ModHA for ADE

Package:  ModHA Indicator Package for ADE

Modified Heikin-Ashi trend direction and consolidation indicator for ADE.

What It Is

This indicator displays the Modified Heikin-Ashi based on ADE data.

Since the ADE data can originate on a different chart, this indicator allows a multi-timeframe ModHA display to be constructed on any chart.  Also, using the calls and techniques illustrated in the indicator source code, multi-timeframe strategies may be written as well.

What It Looks Like


Observe in the picture above how the 'ADU ModHA.p' indicators on the 5m chart display the ModHA status of the 20m and Daily timeframes.


This indicator operates by calling Progster's ModHA for ADE function .  Please see that page for further information on the function and the ModHA calculation.

Important to note:  this indicator/function combination will provide you the code you need to do exactly the same thing with any other calculation of your choice.  In other words, you will have the keys to do any calculation on any chart and timeframe and have the results appear in an indicator or strategy on any other chart and timeframe.  It's the promise of "All Data Everywhere" realized!


TradeStation 8.2 or later, with ELC/ADE installed.

What You Get

The full source code of the indicator.

The full source code of the underlying  ModHA for ADE function .

A demonstration workspace showing the application of the indicator/function to create MTF displays.

Customer Support as needed for product installation.

What It Costs

$250 gets you the source-code keys to inter-chart programming using ADE.

ModHA Indicator Package for ADE -  $250 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.