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TS Indicators

TradeStation Indicators

Things you need to see, things you want to know.

JAJ Pro-Trader's Toolbox - Celebrated trader/author Jason Alan Jankovsky's personal signals, presented on your charts and RadarScreen.

MTF Suite - Simple-to-use, comprehensive EL library for multiple-timeframe analysis.

Daily Statistic Bins - Applied to a chart or a RadarScreen, this indicator generates displays (Radar) or files (Radar/Chart) showing the basic descriptive statistics (also detailed distribution per "bins") of any calculation of your choice.

Float Analysis Package V3 - 7 revealing float indicators, written with advanced ADE technology, that will help you to understand and keep in sync with market turns in a stock's price.

Flex%tile Package - Percentiles are one of the foundational ideas of statistical analysis.  This indicator provides clear and simple display (Charting or RadarScreen) of the percentile ranking of just about any calculation.

MomoAtTimePctl Package - Displays the current momentum in the context of all the momentum moves over a lookback period.  Allows easy visualization of short and long relative momentum moves.

Renko Bricks - Powerful, convenient, optimizable method for filtering market noise and modeling both congestion and trend.

BidAskDelta - Advanced database storage and visualization of BidAskDelta, the real-time relationship of trade prices to quoted bid and ask.

ModHA for ADE - The ModHA trend calculation, on any chart/timeframe, to any chart/timeframe. By altering this code, the same can be done for any calculation.