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Float Analysis V3

Package: Float Analysis V3

The story of when, where, and how a stock trades is substantially the story of how the stock's float moves from weak hands to strong hands, and vice-versa. 

This specially prepared ADE-based Package provides 5 important float-based indicators for charting, and 2 specially designed variations for RadarScreen.

(Note for TS 9.1:  As of this writing, use of ADE requires single-threaded, single-core chart processing (the default case for every version of TS prior to 9.1).  A Preferences item is available in the platform to ensure this.)

This V3 version of the package reads stock float amount values directly from the TradeStation fundamental data feed.  Never before has Float Analysis been this easy or fast!

These indicators will begin to open your eyes to the true underlying picture of supply and demand.

What It Looks Like

(note: visual displays from V2, show below, are still valid)

Also, see the video links further down!



What You Get

Indicators for Charting

Indicator: #P_FloatChannelDate_03

Plots horizontal lines across the highs and lows of float turnover periods before/since a date.   Provides clear observation of how market action often tends to change after float turnovers are complete.


Indicator: #P_Float_Channel_03

Plots one or more channels (2 by default) showing the high/low price of specified Float TurnOver percentage (FTO%) periods.

Plots the FTO% channel as of the previous bar (when Displace = 0), so that one may observe if the current bar penetrates the channel.


Indicator: #P_FloatTurn%_03

Plots a repeating ramp-like display of float turnover, expressed as a percentage of a stock's float figure.  Allows you to see what percentage of the stock's float has changed hands since a date (market event) of your choosing. 


Indicator: #P_FloatStoch_04

Plots a stochastic-like value showing the % location of the current price in comparison to the prices over the period of the last Float TurnOver (or chosen percentage thereof).


Indicator: #P_FloatMomo_04

Plot momentum over Float Turnover (FTO) period  (or chosen percentage thereof).


Indicators for RadarScreen

Indicators: #P_rFltMomo_04  and #P_rFltStoch_04

Float Momentum, and Float Stochastic, RadarScreen maximum efficiency versions.

Since RadarScreen displays only the values as of the last bar, it would be inefficient to calculate the Float Stochastic (or its average) on every bar.

Thus, these indicators are designed to perform a float volume backcount only on the last bar.

These two indicators also offer the textual display of the number of bars in the (full or partial) float volume period, and the selected percentage of the Float TurnOver you are searching for.


This gives you the powerful abilities to:

  • Sort a list of stocks based on how fast their floats turn over.  (e.g. discover the fast flippers!)

  • Quickly determine which stocks from a list are trading near any Float Turnover level you'd like to examine  (e.g. 100%, 50%, 0% etc.).

Customer Support as needed to get it all running.

Protected versions (source code is non-disclosed) for all 7 indicators, and the powerful embedded functions, compiled to your TS Customer Number with a 5-year license from your purchase date.  You will be able to run this code on all your machines, and you will be able to call the functions in your own strategies.

Notable Features

(New in V3!)  All the indicators can be set with FloatFigure = -1 to cause them to work with historical float value information pulled directly and automatically from the TradeStation data network.

Alternatively, the previous techniques of reading the stock's float figure from a master text file (via ADE), or accepting a typed float figure directly as an input are still available.

You can work with percentages of the float figures (e.g. 90%, 50%) in addition to working with the exact float figures.

If using the old-style float information file, you may choose your own file paths and names, allowing you to store your float data where you want it.

Ability to display multiple Float Turnover channels on the same chart reveals new relationships.

The back-counting indicators take advantage of my custom ADE-based function ADF.VolBackCntHLDT() which performs volume back-counting without triggering a series BarNumber = 1 resets as the count-back period varies.

The custom functions FloatStoch.p5() and FloatMomo.p5() are included in the package, making them available for your own use in custom strategies.

FloatMomo and FloatStoch indicators offer optional plotting of average values, and in each case a choice of schemes for how to color the average line.  (e.g. OB/OS vs. Slope direction).

IFloatMomo and FloatStoch indicators offer both forward and backward plotting displacement, which can be used to "nudge" the indicator (without recalculating).

In fact, this package is a multiple-technique, practical case-study in the use of Bamboo's ADE for indicators and functions.  Studying the provided code will prove highly educational for those interested in detailed investigation of this powerful technology.

Please visit these video links to learn more:

Introduction to #P_FloatChanDate and #P_FloatTurn%

Configuration of FloatChanDate Indicator

Calculation of Progster's Float Stochastic

Significance of the Float Stochastic

Calculation of Progster's Float Momentum

What It Costs

Only $500 buys you entrance to the 3rd dimension of stock analysis.  If you don't understand where a stock is trading with respect to its float, then you are trading blind!

As you consider the exceptional amount of work that you are buying for this price, consider also the gains that can be made and the losses that can be avoided in stock trading by understanding the key role the stock float turnover plays in determining a when a stock's recent price behavior is likely to change radically.


(Note: Licensed users of earlier versions of this package are entitled (and encouraged!) to upgrade to this improved, expanded version for only $150.

Float Analysis Package V3 For TradeStation -  $500 

How You Get It

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This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed (and your upgrade eligibility is verified, if applicable). 

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