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Daily Statistic Bins

Package: Daily Statistic Bins (bins full of daily statistics)

If you don't know the basic daily descriptive statistics for the stocks you trade, you are at a disadvantage relative to those who do.

What It Looks Like

Applied to a RadarScreen:


Sample list of output files:


What You Get

A workspace containing a RadarScreen chart (same as shown above).

4 Radar templates to cover mean, median, stddev, or all 3 (as above)

The #P_Daily_Bins_01 indicator (full source code)

A global setup workspace with a global setup strategy that lets you manage header output and sample length.

Customer Support as needed to get it all running.

What It Does

You specify the calculation you are interested in.  The indicator performs the calculation on each daily bar, generates the basic descriptive statistics over a specified period (e.g. 30 days), and then writes out both raw data files and summary statistic files in comma separated variable format (.csv), ready for importation into Excel.

The indicator can be applied to a chart to generate info on symbols "1-at-a-time", or to a RadarScreen to generate info on multiple symbols "at once".

Also, the indicator will produce .csv bin files (as in "bin of fruit") that show the distribution for all the raw values of your calculation counted into "bins" whose resolution you specify.   This is the next level beyond the summary descriptive statistics - ready for you when you are ready for it!

How It Works

You specify the calculation of interest in the 'Calculation' input, along with a couple of strings that are used in filenames and data column headers.   You specify the output of per-stock and/or multi-stock output data files, and the directory you would like them written to. 

If you apply the indicator to a RadarScreen, you may not have an immediate interest in output files.  It's up to you.

When assigning multiple instances to a RadarScreen (as shown above) give each a different 'HeadersRefNum' so that the code can keep track and output headers for each file just once. 

Set the 'StatStopDate' to stop the statistics calculation as of "yesterday" or some other day in the past.  This allows you to get a display in RadarScreen with 'Update value intra-bar' set to OFF, which conserves CPU.  (Trust me on this ...) 

Want to see the guts in action?  Increase the DbgLevel 1 or 2 notches above zero and observe the Print Log in the EasyLanguage Output Bar.  I recommend you do this with one symbol at a time.  For normal operation, just leave the DbgLevel at 0.


What It Costs

For a mere $100, you'll get this very educational piece of code that has the potential to save you many times its cost.  You can trade with the stats, or you can try to trade against 'em, but if you don't know what they are in the first place - you're just trading blind.

Daily Statistic Bins for TradeStation -  $100 

How You Get It

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