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Scale-In Entries for MC

Package: Scale-In Entries for MultiCharts

Scaling-In to a position is a good way to control risk.  Scaling-In ensures that an immediate market reversal doesn't catch you with maximum size on and throw you for an immediate large loss.

What It Is

4 pre-written strategies (full source code), implementing up to 6 legs of scaling-in on either the profit side or the loss side.  This package offers strategies for flexible, convenient scaling-in on both the profit side (anti-Martingale) and the loss side (Martingale). 

These strategies work with both stocks and futures, on both daily and intraday charts, with MultiCharts 8.6 or later.

What It Looks Like

Here's a picture of the Scale-In Entries in action, applied to the EMD:


Notice the long profit adds ("lpa"),  working for you to pile into a winning position.

Here's an example of adding on the drawdown side:


In this case, the long loss adds ("lla") work to add-on size as the market sells off in a pre-opening flush-out.

What You Get

4 Scale-In Strategies, and 8 Demo Workspaces


The 4 strategies are:

  1. #P_ScaleIn_Pft_02 - Puts on contracts/shares per specified levels as a position moves profitably.

    The number of shares/contracts to put on at each at each profit target is specified via a corresponding input.

    Levels may be expressed in points or MinMoves.  This is very handy for Bonds, or any instruments that move in fractional increments.

    Individual targets are set as an amount beyond a specified profit target base. Thus, moving the profit target base conveniently moves the whole set of targets - simplifying backtesting and optimization.

    The size of the additions are settable separately for each level.

    A profit target exit and trailing % exits are provided.

    LastOrderTime may be specified for intraday trading.

    All positions may be closed as of the last bar on the chart to conclude a backtest.

  2. #P_ScaleIn_DD_02 - As above, but scaling-in is done as position draws down.

  3. #P_ScaleIn_PftCon_02

    Puts on contracts/shares per specified levels as a position moves profitably, but allows for specification (via function calls) of conditions which must be TRUE for add-on to take place at each level.

     All the combinations of 6 levels (000001 - 111111) maybe tested via integer inputs (1 - 31) to simplify optimization.

    Long-side and short-side combinations are chosen separately.

    The scheme definitions are very straightforward, and you should have no difficulty understanding them and defining additional or alternative schemes as desired.
  4. #P_ScaleIn_DDCon_02

    As above, but scaling-in is done as position draws down.

And, of course, you get  Customer Support to get you up and running.


Since this package is distributed as an open-code .pla file, it is believed to be compatible with all versions of MultiCharts, including those versions not downloaded directly from the TSSupport web site (e.g. distros by national or regional resellers, etc.).

What It Costs

Only $200 saves you all the time it would take to do the research, coding and testing required to create these 4 strategies yourself.

Scale-In Entries for MultiCharts -  $200 

How You Get It

Use the 'Add to Cart' button, above left, to purchase the package.  The package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.