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SwissProfile for MC

Package:  SwissProfile Indicator Package for MultiCharts

Markets move in search of equilibrium, a balance between buyers and sellers.

When a market has found it's balance (temporarily), prices tend to persist in an area over time.  When news or other perception-changing events occur, prices move away from their recent area-of-equilibrium.  Data profile displays are one way to organize and view market data for the purpose of determining where equilibrium was over a given time period, and where price is now in relation to it.

SwissTrader has created the SwissProfile Indicator Package for MultiCharts to provide easy-to-use, accurate, flexible, and beautiful time/price data profile displays for the markets and timeframes of the trader's choice.

Advantages of Data Profiling

Data profile displays provide quick visual answers to such questions as:

For each day, what price saw as much activity above it as below it?

Between what upper and lower boundaries of price did the market trade for 70% of the time?

How far beyond a measured central area of activity did price extremes extend?

Is price near or far from "recent value" right now?

How does price often behave when it leaves behind one "value area" to seek out another?

What are the zones of value from the past that may serve as support or resistance in the future?

The SwissProfile indicators let you see both past behavior and current conditions, and are flexibly configurable in both definitional and visual terms.

What It Looks Like

Here is a picture of several days of daily data profile on a 5m chart of SP500 Futures:


Above, we see the calculated daily balance point (aka point-of-control) in red, the evolving top/bottom of our chosen value zone changing over time (green lines), and the current (for day in progress) or final (for past days) "profile" results (aka time/price opportunities) in the purple and white bars.  The blue line tracks the changing price over the course of the session.

Different displays can be turned on or off, and assigned colors of your choosing.

Here is a variation using a light-colored chart background:


 Previous balance-point lines can be extended to visualize potential support and resistance:


A semi-traditional "letter display" indicator is also provided:


visually by '$TT Renko Bricks'.  In the middle, we see the "trend count" displayed by '$TT Renko Trend', and at the bottom we see the age of each brick displayed by '$TT Renko Brick Age'.

How It Works

The span of price action is calculated for every time interval on the chart and "bucketized" according to your desired setting of TicksPerLetterRow.  As the session, day, or week evolves, arrays are used to accumulate counts of upon how many occasions price was found in each bucket.

Statistics are updated in realtime and finalized appropriately so that summary information may be presented visually.

Extra Features

If desired, a profile can be configured to span multiple days, per a chosen date range:


A colored-session indicator is provided for those who prefer to see price action bar-by-bar along with the data profile:


What You Get

A .SEF  file,  locked to your MultiCharts UserID, containing the read-only SwissProfile indicators and all the underlying functions they depend on,

A demo workspace, containing multiple charts (similar to those shown above) to get you started quickly with some example configurations.

Documentation in PDF format, and Customer Support as needed to get it all running.


This package is compatible ONLY with versions of MultiCharts distributed via direct download from the TSSupport web site.  Unfortunately, for technical reasons, this package IS NOT COMPATIBLE with separate versions of MultiCharts distributed by other means (e.g. other national or regional resellers, etc.).

What It Costs

$495 gives you the invaluable insight of data profiling to help inform your trading decisions.

Hedge funds and private trading pools may wish to purchase this package in source-code form for business reasons.  This package may be purchased in source-code form with a defined-use commercial license for $3000.  (Execution of an NDA is required.)  Interested parties, inquire here:

SwissProfile Package for MultiCharts -  $495 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. Please be aware of the caveats before you order.  Please provide your MC User ID with your order, and allow 48 hours for delivery.