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SwissDOM for MC

Package:  SwissDOM (Depth-Of-Market) Indicator Package for MultiCharts

Discretionary traders win or lose by their ability to quickly assimilate and act on realtime market information.  A clever display that compresses useful information into an easily understood format can pay for itself in no time when used by a savvy trader to enter or exit trades.

SwissTrader's new SwissDOM Indicator Package for MultiCharts provides a simple but powerful multi-level Depth-Of-Market (DOM) display right on the actionable edge of your chart where your trader's eye can most easily integrate it with price action in just one look.

What It Looks Like

Here is a picture showing the SwissDOM in action on a 3-minute chart of EMD futures and on a 15-minute chart of YM futures.


Above, we see the DOM information for each of 10 levels above and 10 levels below the last trade price.  This is a realtime display that constantly updates as new DOM data arrives from your broker.

For each side of the market we also see a summary line showing the sum of shares/contracts which are bid or asked on that side, and the percentage of the the count for all levels attributable to that side.

A skilled "tape reader" who can interpret this display in realtime can immediately see changes and imbalances that combine with recent price action to indicate a new opportunity (or the end of an old one).

Of course, flexibility of colors and sizes is provided to allow creation of a display that best matches your personal preferences.

How It Works

SwissDOM uses the MultiCharts built-in functions Dom_AskSize() and Dom_BidSize() to access the available broker-provided DOM information for every level and assemble it at lightning speed into the interpretable display.

A key point (and caveat) is that this is broker-provided DOM info.  In other words, your MultiCharts platform needs to be connected to an actual broker (not just a non-broker data feed) for this display to work.

What You Get

A .SEF  file,  locked to your MultiCharts UserName containing the read-only SwissDOM indicator and the underlying functions it  depends on.


This package is compatible ONLY with versions of MultiCharts distributed via direct download from the TSSupport web site.  Unfortunately, for technical reasons, this package IS NOT COMPATIBLE with separate versions of MultiCharts distributed by other means (e.g. other national or regional resellers, etc.).

What It Costs

Just $195 gives you the valuable insight of SwissDOM's DOM-on-chart display to help inform your trading decisions.

Hedge funds and private trading pools may wish to purchase this package in source-code form for business reasons.  This package may be purchased in source-code form with a defined-use commercial license for $1500.  (Execution of an NDA is required.)  Interested parties, inquire here:

SwissDOM Package for MultiCharts -  $195 

How You Get It

Download this test indicator and use it to confirm that your feed and subscriptions are configured to provide the necessary Level 2 data for SwissDOM. 

With the test indicator applied, you will be able to see pseudo-DOM displays like these if the necessary data is present:


If you see the psuedo-DOM displays, feel free to place your order with the 'Add to Cart' button at the upper right of this page, or else email if you have further question first.

Your personalized SwissDOM package will be sent to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.  Please provide your MC User ID with your order, and allow 48 hours for delivery.