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Package:  Money Management 01 for MultiCharts

You may have an indicator you like, and a strategy which trades off of it, but you don't have a complete trading system until you have a systematic way of deciding how much size to put on for each new trade.  Money Management is the art and science of adjusting your risk and reward in relation to your account size.

What It Is

A general function for calculating the size of each new trade according to your selection of method and tolerance for risk.   You can add this single function call (and it's associated inputs) to any strategy and acquire the ability to test that strategy's performance under 7 different Money Management techniques.

Implemented MM models:

0 = Fixed Size, no MM applied
1 = Fixed Fraction (FF)
2 = Fixed Fraction (FF) with Volatility
3 = Drawdown Model with Volatility
4 = Kelly Model
5 = Kelly Model with Volatility
6 = Ratcheting UnitRiskAmt
7 = Simple Ryan Jones Fixed Ratio Model

What You Get

An .pla file containing the full source code of the function.

Customer Support as needed to answer any questions you may have.

What It Costs

$150 gets you this eye-opening function that will help you to evaluate any strategy's potential performance over the long haul.

Money Management 01 -  $150 

How You Get It

This package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed.

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