...writing great code so you don't have to

Our Goals

The overarching goal at CodeForTraders is to supply high-quality code to traders which will save them precious time in their lives as they travel the road to their goals in the markets.

Your goal, of course, is to succeed in the markets, with the assistance of the techniques of technical analysis.   You already know, or soon will, that this is much more difficult than it appears upon first impression.  There is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be accessed, assimilated, manipulated, and integrated with your personality to produce a consistent style and practice of trading that works for you. 

Doing this takes time, and you, like every human being, are bounded by the realities of the 24-7-365 cycle.  In developing your own personal approach to trading, you will be best off if you can spend the majority of your available time on experimentation, thinking, and analysis.  Time spent writing code, per se, will make you a better coder (if that is one of your goals), but not necessarily a better trader.

Some of the code here is free ( visit our Forum ), and some of the code is sold, always according to the wishes of the author.

The developers who code commercially for this site spend alot of time creating the packages you find here so that you don't have to.  You are encouraged to compare the price and quality of what you see here with what is available elsewhere - and come to your own conclusions about where the value lies for you.

We at CodeForTraders have done what we set out to do if:

1.  The descriptions of our "packages" convince you that you'd be "penny-wise and pound-foolish" not to pay the small price asked for work that would be much, much more costly to you in time, energy, and effort to create yourself.

2.  You feel, after the purchase, that you have received outstanding value for your payment.

3.  You tell your friends about CodeForTraders !