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Customer Support

Customer Support

For Pre-sales questions or inquiries, please contact:

Post-sales support:

Support for our products is provided by product developers, not by "phone banks".

When you make a purchase, you'll receive support email addresses and a support phone number with your product.

You can be confident that CodeForTraders is committed to getting you up-and-running with any software you purchase from us.

Consulting Time

Beyond the installation, paid consulting is available to answer questions in depth, address specific operational scenarios, etc. 

The software products offered by CFT have not been priced to include indefinite free support.  If that were the case, they would be much more expensive. 

Since some people need the extra support, and some people don't, a business decision has been made to continue to offer the products at the lowest possible price, while offering additional paid consulting (via email, telephone, or Skype) to those who require it.

Consulting* is purchased in 30m blocks at the cost of $60 per block.

Consulting Time -  $60 

* Note: Consulting is intended to cover technical and operational issues, definitional matters, explanation of "as-coded" product behavior, and diagnosis (where possible) of customer issues.  Trading and investment advice is not offered, nor is general support for platform automation.

Preparation of New/Updated Packages

From time-to-time, on an unpredictable basis, changes made by platform vendors (by design or accident)  in new releases of their software will break existing 3rd-party code.  When this happens, code changes and/or recompilation and redistribution of 3rd-party software may be  required to maintain operability. 

This sort of unanticipated re-work can be a significant support burden on 3rd-party vendors such as CFT.  For several years these sorts of maintenance upgrades have been provided free-of-charge when needed.  However, the uncompensated level-of-effort involved is no longer sustainable across a growing product and customer base.

Accordingly, a nominal fee is now required to compensate for the direct labor involved in preparation of new/updated packages when such effort is required for reasons beyond CFT's own control.  Our goal is to keep this per-incident, per-package fee as low as possible for our individual customers, consistent with not getting "taken to the cleaners" ourselves by the collective effort required every time this happens.

This fee also applies to closed-source packages when minor enhancements not warranting a more substantial upgrade fee become available from time-to-time. 

Package Prep -  $30 

CFT encourages you to compare this very occasional package prep fee with the monthly subscription fees that are often charged by others.  Thanks-in-advance for your understanding and support!