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Customer Support

Customer Support

For Pre-sales questions or inquiries, please contact:

Post-sales support:

When you make a purchase, you'll receive a support email address(es) with your product.

CodeForTraders is committed to getting you up-and-running with any software you purchase from us.   If this should prove to be technically or practically impossible for a new purchase, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price for any non-source-code product.   This is the sole exception to the policy of no refunds for software purchases.

Please note, the software products offered by CFT have not been priced to include indefinite free support.  If that were the case, they would be much more expensive. 

Consulting Time (discontinued)

As of 2023, I (Progster) have retired and therefore paid consulting, which was previously available to answer questions in depth, address specific operational scenarios, etc., is generally no longer possible. After successful installation, the customer has "received the hand-off" and is expected to "run with the ball" from that point on.  

Of course, if a quick answer to a simple question is immediately available it will be cheerfully provided.

Preparation of New/Updated Packages Discontinued

From time-to-time, on an unpredictable basis, changes made by platform vendors (by design or accident)  in new releases of their software will break existing 3rd-party code. 

As of 2021,  while CFT does still offer numerous fully operational packages to assist traders in their market journey, we can no longer promise to maintain package operation into the future as platforms, underlying technology, and local, personal conditions are all undergoing fairly rapid change.

Our still-available products have proved their mettle in operation for many years now, and -may- have many more years of operational lifetime ahead.  Or not.  It is just not possible to predict.

Accordingly, the customer must consider that the risk of future non-operation for any given product is one of the risks they assume with their purchase.

Products which are known to have become non-operational will be removed for sale from the CFT site as soon as the situation becomes known to us.

To be straightforward, we are not constantly re-testing and re-certifying product operation at this point (2021).   Ultimately, any "broken" product will be reported by a customer.   If it's a newly-purchased product, we will issue a refund (see above), but if not then that's simply the end-of-the-line, for both your ability to use the product and our ability to sell it going forward.

Thank you for your understanding of the reality of ultimate obsolescence!