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Custom Programming

Current availability of custom programming through CodeForTraders is:

No Expected Availability during the remainder of 2021.

Please accept our apologies for the current unavailability of custom services..  We will announce here when this changes.  Product sales continue as normal.  Thank you for your understanding.


Though the demands of trading and new product development must often take priority, if you've got a job you'd like done, please email .

Kindly include as much information as possible about what you are interested in having done.  If you know clearly what your goal is, and it involves TradeStation EL programming, MultiCharts PL programming, or AmiBroker AFL programming then it is possible we can help you reach it (budget and schedule permitting).

Standard terms and conditions will be supplied via return email.

Generally speaking, the budget for a "simple" custom job would begin at $500, and climb from there with the complexity of the work.  Many "typical" jobs can be done in the $500 to $1500 range.  Complex jobs may run from $2k to $5k.  In all cases, billing is by time expended, with funds deposited in advance.

Micro-jobs of the "just an hour or two" type may apply in the case of customization of already-purchased products.  All inquiries are welcome.

Please allow for the variability of life with respect to the time it takes to receive a reply.  Your email might not have reached it's destination, or the recipient might possibly be out-of-town.  Please send your inquiry again if you haven't received a reply within a few days.

Also, please be sure your initial email has a subject and carries no attachments.  Potentially dangerous email is normally deleted immediately without further action.

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