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Coaching Services

Coaching Services

CodeForTraders is pleased to make available formal coursework and ala-carte coaching by celebrated trader, educator, and Wiley Finance author Jason Alan Jankovsky.

Please follow the link below to read in detail about Jason's unique and extensive Psychology of Trading Course which is the premier offering of 6 weeks of intensive training designed to instill new thinking, quash old losing habits, and establish new, permanent winning-trader behaviors.  This course includes unlimited 1-on-1 consulting with Jason during the 6-week period to personally address all of your frustrations, reactions, and issues.

Psychology Of Trading Course

Alternatively, for those of you who would like to spend a smaller amount of quality time consulting with a real pro before making the big commitment to total change, CFT has arranged for coaching/consulting* time with Jason to be purchased ala-carte at special introductory and bundle prices.

Ala-carte consulting time with Jason is normally $149 per hour.  Jason has agreed to offer CFT customers a "get acquainted" first hour for only $49, and a 10% discount for the purchase of 16 hours (with up to 2 months to use them).  These programs allow you enough time to start seeing progress along with the flexibility to consult with Jason daily or weekly or anything in-between as best suits your goals and schedule.

To purchase, choose and click on a button below:

Purchasers will be contacted via email (normally within 24 hours) with instructions for scheduling your time with Jason.

* Coaching/consulting time is for the purpose of conceptualizing, identifying and changing undesired beliefs, emotions, habits, and behaviors which may be preventing you from realizing your personal potential, and does not include any form of investment or financial advice.