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All products and services offered through this website are offered for educational purposes only. reserves the right not to be bound by incorrectly posted prices, regardless of the reason for the error.

Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing, all software made available through this site is provided under a non-transferable, permanent, paid-up personal use license. 

No statement anywhere on this website is to be construed as trading advice or investment advice.

No warranty of any kind is offered as to the specific performance of any software made available through this site.

There are no trial periods.  All sales are final.  There are no refunds.

So, you might ask, "If not millions in market riches, what are you offering? What is it about your products that makes them worth paying for?".

The answer is actually quite simple: When you buy one of the products from this site, you are paying for access to a research or trading execution tool that you did not yourself spend the time to create.  The asking price of the software products available here is but a fractional compensation for the time spent to write them.  The fee you pay saves you from having to spend the time to write the provided code yourself, period.

This site offers the results of time-consuming, skilled work at very low prices. If you don't think you agree, please have a go at creating these tools yourself. Assign yourself an hourly rate, and then tally the hours, days, and dollars as you go. You'll probably end up changing your mind!

No one claims the work is "perfect", or even that it is definitely going to be right for you. What can be said though is that unless you are quite skilled as a programmer, trying to create from scratch yourself the equivalent of these tools is likely to leave you wondering "Why didn't I just buy the thing and get on with my life?".

The trade-off, so to speak, is that you have to take responsibility for your own purchase, just like you have to take responsibility for your own trades in the market. CodeForTraders makes a strong effort to provide product descriptions here that will tell you all you need to know in order to make a good purchase decision. You are also welcome to email further questions to: But once you pull the trigger, you're in the trade, pardner!

Of course, there are other business models for selling trading-related software. One size does not fit all. If you prefer doing business under a different model please accept our blessings as you seek out whatever you believe you need. Like the "truth", it's probably out there somewhere.