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AmiBroker Platform

Trading Platform: AmiBroker

CodeForTraders is very pleased to be able to introduce you to the powerful AmiBroker platform.

What It Is

AmiBroker is a market charting, research, and analysis program (not a data provider, not a broker), that offers a long list of advanced features at an incredibly inexpensive price.

AmiBroker works with a data provider(s) of your choice (on the input side), and a brokerage of your choice (on the output side), to let you write, visualize, and execute almost any kind of market analysis or trading system that you might desire. 

What You Get

  • True portfolio backtesting and optimization (very fast!)
  • Built-in multiple timeframe support
  • 3-D optimization charts
  • Drag-and-Drop indicator creation.
  • Extremely easy-to-use domain-specific programming language (AmiBroker Formula Language)
  • Ready-to-go plug-ins for the most common data feeds
  • Autotrading interface that works with Interactive Brokers
  • Ability to host independently written plug-ins
  • OLE/ActiveX automation interface
  • License allows personal use on multiple machines

What It Looks Like

The charts, of course, can look practically any way you want them to.  Here's one possibility:


Portfolio backtesting (as well as scans, explorations, optimization, and saved report access) is accomplished via the Automatic Analysis window:

Here we see some results of a portfolio backtest, with portfolio size of 2:


Here we see some results of an individual backtest (automatically, on every stock in a list), listing all system trades for each symbol without regard to portfolio cash limitations:


3-D Visualization of 2-parameter optimization results:


"Explorations" let you see any calculation you want, on any set of symbols you want, as of any date/time you want:



Here are a few things about AmiBroker that I think are really impressive::

  • Report Explorer handily saves results from every test you ever run.  Simply delete the ones of no further interest and you have a built-in record of everything good you ever find!
  • AFL code is stored on your disk as text files.  You can apply search tools and other text tools to it, and there is never any issue or hassle with moving it into or out of a proprietary library format.
  • Multiple-timeframe support is dead-simple, via the TimeFrameCompress() and TimeFrameExpand() functions.  No extra charts or complicated code required!
  • Bar Replay:


  • OLE Automation Object Model
  • Ability to add user-defined metrics to backtest/optimization report


  • Customers have online access to AmiBroker's complete bug and suggestion database, with the ability to submit bugs and suggestions, comment on existing bugs and suggestions, and track the status of all of them!
  • The AmiBroker community operates thru a moderated Yahoo mailing list.  No juvenile antics allowed.

What It Costs

Only $299 for the AmiBroker Pro platform.  No, that's not a typo, we'll spell it out for you: only two hundred ninety-nine  dollars for this astoundingly powerful, flexible and easy-to-use trading platform.

When I originally learned about the power and price of AmiBroker, I could hardly believe it.  "What's the catch?", I thought.  Well folks, I've checked it out, and the only catch is that you need to open your mind to a much larger concept of what is possible (you can do it!).  AmiBroker is leverage writ large, multiple man-years of work by a Ph.D. in Computer Science, at a cost usually associated with only a few hours of skilled time. - Progster

AmiBroker's creator, Tomasz Janeczko, states:

"We are totally focused on creating advanced, highly customizable technical analysis software. Our mission is to bring high quality software at a price affordable for every individual investor."


How You Get It

To order immediately, click here.

The rest of you dilly-dallyers, click here.