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OptIterReload for AB

Package: Optimization Iteration Reload (OIR) for AmiBroker

One of the (few) notable hardships of using AmiBroker is the inability to view a single optimization iteration result in a backtest or on a chart without having to manually re-enter each of the (who knows how many ...) individual strategy parameters - once thru all of them to setup a backtest, then once thru all of them again to visualize on a chart, and then all of this all over again for every single optimization iteration you want to examine.

CodeForTraders is very pleased to offer our solution to this chore - Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker.

What It Is

Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker is an Excel VBA application, and a process for using it, that allows you to quickly browse optimization results and choose any iteration you wish for quick, "no typing required" reloading into the AA Window parameter set or your chart parameter set.

The only modification needed to your code is the addition of a #include line, which results in the loading of the product output.

How It Works

There are just a few steps involved:

bullet   Prep your strategy code by adding the #include line
bullet   After your optimization, do a File -> Export of the AA Window results to a .csv file
bullet   Open the .csv file in Excel, and highlight the parameters for your chosen iteration
bullet   Use Alt-F8 (or your own hotkey) to invoke Optimization Iteration Reload
bullet   Return to your chart and use the Parameter Dialog reset button, or
bullet   Return to the AA Window, use the Parameter Dialog reset button, and run a backtest

The whole process takes mere seconds.

What It Looks Like

Bim, Bam, Boom - you can now easily browse any iteration of any optimization, choosing it for generation of a complete backtest report with performance graphs - NO TYPING REQUIRED !

Take a look at how it's done:

Video:  Optimization Iteration Reload - Visual Introduction

What You Get

bullet   The Excel VBA code, ready to load into your copy of Excel
bullet   Documentation for Installation and Usage

The days of hunting and pecking to reload optimization iterations are OVER.  If you are an AmiBroker user with more important things to do with your time (and who isn't!), then this product will return your time to you in spades.

What It Costs

Only $150 for a single, permanent personal-use license.   Institutional and multi-person licenses are also available (contact:

Optimization Iteration Reload For AmiBroker -  $150 

How You Get It

Use the 'Add to Cart' button, above left, to purchase the package  The package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.