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Deluxe Timeframe Suites

Packages:  Deluxe Timeframe Suites for AmiBroker

CodeForTraders is pleased to offer new Deluxe Timeframe versions for 3 of our favorite AmiBroker product suites:

RSI Strategy Suite, Deluxe Timeframe Version

CCI Strategy Suite, Deluxe Timeframe Version

LRS Strategy Suite, Deluxe Timeframe Version

What They Are

These products are enhanced, multi-timeframe (MTF) capable versions of CFT's popular RSI, CCI, and LRS Strategy Suites. 

All the original features of each base product are present (please see each base product page for the long list of features), and are enhanced by these additions:

bullet   Multiple TimeFrame (MTF) support
bullet   A bar-count based time stop
bullet   A new setting to UseHookForExits
bullet   A third entry signal type ( one-bar reversals in OB/OS areas )
bullet   New filters based on the multiple timeframe support
bullet   An advanced multi-choice interface for customers of CFT's Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker product.

Added July 2013:  Momo Strategy Suite, Deluxe Timeframe Version (features differ slightly, but include the same TF and OIR support).

How It Works

All the plumbing for the new multiple timeframe support is built-in to the strategy, and the resulting higher-timeframe version(s) of the base calculation are displayed by new, MTF versions of the "r"emote RSI, CCI, and LRS indicators.

The timeframe code is always active, during backtests, optimizations, chart displays, etc.

To view a higher-timeframe indicator, just choose a timeframe multiplier in the strategy parameters dialog,

then set the indicator to display the desired timeframe:

What It Looks Like

Here is the display for the settings above:

Notice that timeframe multiplier (TF_Mult) is displayed in the title, and both raw and smoothed values of the indicator on the higher timeframe are plotted.

The setting and display features are identical in the RSI, CCI, and LRS products.

Please take a look at the MTF demonstration video:

Video:  RSI Multi-Timeframe Demonstration


Building on the the underlying series compression capabilities of the AmiBroker platform, the CodeForTraders Deluxe TimeFrame Suites provide all the AFL code needed for accurate, easy control, visualization, and application of higher timeframes to your trading analysis.

The package code not only provides and demonstrates the creation and use of multi-timeframe information, but also is carefully designed for easy cut/paste/edit replication to allow use of as many timeframes as desired.

Also Featuring

These Deluxe suites also offer a special advanced interface for customers of CFT's Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker product.  The advanced interface provides for easy selection among multiple Opt Iter reload files right from the strategy Parameters dialog.

Everyone is invited to observe the video demo of CFT's easiest, slickest Opt Iter Reload ever:

Video:  "Deluxe" Optimization Iteration Reload Interface

What You Get

bullet   The primary trading formula for backtesting/optimization/display and MTF control
bullet   Cooperating remote indicator formula, for displaying the MTF indicator per your strategy settings
bullet   Cooperating Net-Profit formula for separate pane display
bullet   Customer Support for initial installation.

To understand the specifics and the full range of features for each product, be sure and visit these base-product pages:

RSI_Suite    CCI_Suite    LRS_Suite  Momo_Suite

The "Deluxe Timeframe" packages are each distributed as fully-disclosed AFL.  You will be able to modify and extend the code as desired, but you may not share it with non-licensees (just send them here instead!).

Those who seek a well-crafted, re-purposable example of MTF coding which they can use as a guide for their own further projects will find it in any of these "Deluxe Timeframe" suites.

Also, those who are interested in taking advantage of paid custom programming services can contract for further extensions or variations from these baselines, where the incredible starting point is many dozens of hours of effort sold for less than 2 hours worth of custom time.

What It Costs

Only $225 per package for a single, permanent personal-use license.   Institutional and multi-person licenses are also available (contact:

Existing licensees of our our RSI, CCI, and LRS base suites are welcome to upgrade for the difference in price, only $100.  Please email for details. 

How You Get It

Use the 'Buy Now' buttons, below, to purchase any of the packages.  Your package will be emailed to you after your PayPal payment is processed. 

Please be aware of the caveats before you order.

AmiBroker Deluxe Timeframe Suites:

RSI Strategy Deluxe TF Suite -  $225 
CCI Strategy Deluxe TF Suite -  $225 
LRS Strategy Deluxe TF Suite -  $225 
Momo Strategy Deluxe TF Suite -  $225